Pre Thanksgiving by Patricia Hannan

A great story to go with a wonderful photo submission by Patricia Hannan.

The afternoon/day before Thanksgiving I was walking along the beach to assess our absent boardwalk and destruction. I took a ton of heartbreaking photos except this one attached. Not so heartbreaking. As I kept snapping away at the destruction, the sun was about to set and 2 young kids, who appeared to be siblings, ran up right ahead of me (about 123rd St) to play on the beach. Of all my pictures that day, though this is not a professional picture, I really think it captures the light, both literally and figuratively, hope and symbolism of the youth and future for my hometown of Rockaway. It also shows the polar opposite of loss. It was a warm, gorgeous and obviously sunny day, so this was really a Kodak moment for me. A few hours later, on the eve of Thanksgiving, power in my home was restored, which made for a truly happy Thanksgiving.

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