Progress in Breezy Point

These images come courtesy of Rebuild Breezy.  Team Rockne (volunteers from Brooklyn who have been in Breezy Point since day one) and The GPA volunteers (Gaelic Players Association, athletes from Ireland who play hurling or Irish football) look like they are doing a fantastic job rebuilding the Catholic Club.  A shot from Inside St. Thomas Moore church shows us that the interior is looking great as well.  Some of the best news comes via this picture of recovered photos from The Sugar Bowl.  One of the best parts about hanging out in The Bowl was checking out all of the very cool old beach pics that decked the walls.  It would be amazing to see some of them up again when the bar rebuilds.  Good work on all fronts guys!


556420_205549569583611_1315815054_n 792403_212694952202406_380429493_o 841041_212665128872055_328034484_o 842860_212422102229691_1610738573_o

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