Another Special Rockaway Moment by Pat Ware

We just received this beautiful story.  Moments like this are what make life in Rockaway so unique.

Another Special Rockaway Moment

We are all sitting outside on the porch, the porch you never want to leave.  The attached house looms large and white with its columned veranda and picket fence.  This home belongs to a family, who live here with along with six fireplaces and an ancient monster of a crab apple tree in the front yard, which is providing all the shade we porch sitters need. We just finished a drawing class and are now laughing and enjoying one another’s company along with some sunshine and mango tea.

A man walks down the street and halts abruptly in front of the magnificent house.  As he begins to speak, we all strain our ears to hear his low voice.  Unable to make out what he is saying, we shout in unison “Come up on the porch with us!”

The man opens the swing gate and comes walking up the brick stairs past the huge white columns.  He is a regular looking guy and he’s smiling from ear to ear with the happiest smile and brightest eyes you can imagine.  And then he says, “You know when I was walking by and I heard the laughter on the porch and saw you all sitting here I just had to stop.  This house has been here forever. I was about eight years old and my cousin Alice six when we were out playing one day.  She loved to sing and fifty years ago on this very porch there were people sitting here just like you are, laughing and enjoying themselves.  Alice started to sing and the people invited us up for cookies and milk.  When I saw you all up here I instantly went back to being eight years old on that day. Alice and I had so much fun.  Rockaway was wonderful then and we loved it so much.  We still love it”

The man pauses and surveys the porch before continuing.

“I live in Washington DC now but my ninety four year old mom lives up the street.  And she just cooked me lunch!  I come to help my sister out about twice a year but today when I heard the laughter and saw you sitting here I just had to stop.  Thanks for inviting me up and have a really great day everybody.”  He shares one last cheerful grin with us and continues on his way.

Now we are all smiling even more than before and are zapped right back in time by the story the man had shared.  It was a magical moment.  A Rockaway moment, you know? Exclusive to the glorious history of the Rockaway community then and now.

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