The Irish Prime Minister, Taoiseach Enda Kenny Spends St. Patrick’s Day In Breezy Point

The residents of Breezy Point Queens celebrated St. Patrick’s day mass this past Sunday with the Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny at St. Thomas More church. As the Taoiseach (Gaelic word meaning “Chief” or “Leader” as explained by Mr. Kenny himself) entered the church, he high fived the alter servers, and then joined the mass by giving the first reading. Although this reading was the standard one for the fifth Sunday in lent, it ended being very appropriate for a region that had suffered due to storms and flooding:

“Thus says the LORD, who opens a way in the sea and a path in the mighty waters , who leads out chariots and horsemen, a powerful army. Till they lie prostrate together, never to rise, snuffed out and quenched like a wick. Remember not the events of the past, the things of long ago consider not; see, I am doing something new! Now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? In the desert I make a way, in the wasteland, rivers. Wild beasts honor me, jackals and ostriches, for I put water in the desert and rivers in the wasteland for my chosen people to drink, the people whom I formed myself. That they might announce my praise.”

After mass, the Taoiseach attended a meet and greet in Monsignor Michael Connolly Hall, which was rebuilt after Hurricane Sandy with manpower from Ireland, funded by the Irish Government. Mr. Kenny gave a short speech in which he mentioned the strong connection between Ireland and the United States. He said that during difficult times, we realize the importance of community, and that it is very important for communities to reach out to help others in need. In my humble opinion, the man was gracious and well spoken, and really lifted the spirits of those in attendance. It was a very special way to spend St. Patricks day.




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