Celebrities Recall Their Best NYC Childhood Moments

New York City has produced quite a few notable celebrities. New York Magazine’s 45th Anniversary contains a collection of quotes from 39 of them, celebrating their youth in New York City, covering areas from Rockaway to the Bronx.

Christine Quinn had this to say about growing up in Rockaway Beach:
Christine Quinn, Queens: “My whole family loved Rockaway. You could rent a room in a boardinghouse, like the Quinns did, or you could rent a bungalow, like my mother’s family, the Callaghans, did. … You’d spend all the days at the beach … And then we’d go back to this teeny-tiny bungalow, with no air conditioning, and my grandfather would have undoubtedly cooked a roast beef. It would be a gazillion degrees.”

I also had to chuckle at Larry David’s recollection of living in nearby Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn:
Larry David, Brooklyn: “I moved to Sheepshead Bay from Brighton Beach in ’55. … If you wanted your friend to come over, you just went down into the courtyard and yelled his name as loud as you could. … We called them houses, by the way. We never called them apartments. … My grandmother lived upstairs on the third floor, with my uncle. And my cousin. Next door was my aunt and uncle and my two cousins. There was no privacy. Zero.”

If you get a moment, pop on over to curbed and check out the rest of them:

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