Earth Day volunteer opportunities this weekend in the Rockaways!

Have you been looking for ways to volunteer in Breezy Point or Rockaway? This weekend coming up there a quite a variety of opportunities available.

Habitat for Humanity Westchester has maintained a constant presence in Breezy Point since Sandy, and has done an immeasurable amount of work towards getting people back in their homes. Their call for volunteers is ongoing, not specific to this weekend but they are a great organization to check out.

This Saturday, April 20th There is also a call for help to do playground cleanup in Breezy Point

If you prefer Rockaway there is a call for volunteers to build community gardens:

If Sunday is a better day, help Arf-Arf Rockaway to rebuild the freeway dog park:
ARF-ARF Cleanup on Sunday, April 21st

Thank you to all who came out to help clean up the park and our container last weekend! We repainted benches, pulled the stakes and orange fencing where there were no longer tree stumps, and cleaned the mold on the container floor, as well as a preliminary cleaning of our shelving. We had a lot of fun, and there are some great pics on Facebook! Congratulations to the winner of our volunteer raffle, Jorge Cornejo! We’ll be contacting you shortly. If you would still like to volunteer, we are in need of help this weekend. Thanks to a material grant from BIG! NYC, we now have what we need to finish the inside of the container. Respond & Rebuild is also loaning us a sander and a generator. We will need help picking up the items from BIG! NYC’s warehouse in Astoria and pickup and from Respond and Rebuild on Saturday, April 20th. We will spend some time working on the container on Sunday April 21st from 10am-12pm. We’ll be sanding the floor and prepping the walls of the inside, painting the floor and walls, and painting the outside of the doors and the back of the container. All those who help will be entered into a raffle, and will receive a goodie and refreshments. Because it will be hard to monitor your pets, please leave them at home this time. A huge thank you to BIG! NYC and Respond and Rebuild. To find out more about these organizations, check out their websites here:

Still plenty of work to do before we are totally back on our feet, so if you have some free time, consider volunteering!

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