Back In Business Volume One: Surfside Bagels

Rockaway Rises Recently joined The Glorified Tomato at Surfside Bagels, where we talked with owners Scott Edwards and Tim Keenan. These guys were back in business in February, and although they have faced a lot of challenges, the store looks great and the bagels are better than ever.

Sandy completely wiped out the bagel store and ruined all of the equipment. Since there were security cameras located on the inside of the store, the owners were able to watch as the entire thing went down. “We didn’t know what we were going to do” Owner Scott tells us. As firefighters and locals, these guys were battling sandy twice over.

Scott and Eric were able to get their business off the group thanks to a grant from FrontStreet Facility Solutions. This was a stroke of luck for them as one of the things that remains a challenge to many of the small business owners in the community is the difficulty of acquiring money from FEMA.

“We still would be waiting for our FEMA loan if FrontStreet didn’t step in,” Tim tells us. “Our doors most likely would still be closed.”

After chatting about getting the place back up and running we also heard about some of their menu changes. The menu has been reduced over all while favorite items remain, and we can look forward to some summer specials coming our way in the warmer months.

Also added is a $2 to go coffee box, where you can make your coffee, drop your two dollars and still sprint to catch the Q53 right outside their front door.

One of the ways that we all started feeling normal again was when local businesses started opening back up. Being able to pop in here and grab a bagel and a coffee as part of a regular routine felt like a step in the healing process. We wish all the bet of luck to these guys, we hope business takes off, and definitely can’t wait to see what they have in store for the summer (we hear there may even be a fish taco).

Check out The bagel-making demo in photos and videos here at The Glorified Tomato.

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