Behind The Scenes at Sayra’s Wine Bar

Rockaway Rises recently caught up with Patrick Flibotte, one of the owners of Sayra’s, the new wine bar coming to 91-11 Rockaway Beach Boulevard. Patrick was kind enough to give us a behind the scenes look at the still under construction bar, and tell us a bit about the construction process.

Patrick met Rashida Jackson, (a Rockaway native and co-owner) while the two were bar tenders in Fort Greene Brooklyn. They then decided to team up and open their own business. The wine bar – which aims for a Memorial Day Weekend opening, will feature a small but beautifully crafted interior with a huge outdoor space. Patrick is a woodworking artist and a welder, and his personal touches fill the space, from the handcrafted wooden bar and bar stools, to the sculptures placed in the outdoor garden area.

In addition to wine, the bar will serve tapas style food, along with beer and saki. The large outdoor film screen will allow them to show movies as well. With the strong connection that Patrick has to the arts, it would be great to see some events take place in their beautiful garden area, which in the coming days will see a horticulturalist come by to do some serious planting.

I have to say we were very impressed by everything that we saw in Sayra’s. The beautiful personal finishes and friendly attitude of the owners give it a very homey and comfortable atmosphere. It’s also great to see people forging ahead with plans like this, and bringing some much-needed love to the community.

For more on Sayra’s, check out the Glorified Tomato who joined us for our tour!

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