Rockaway Back in Business: Yoga on the Rocks!

Rockaway Rises and The Glorified Tomato recently spent a Saturday Morning with Lena, owner of Yoga on the Rocks at 198 Beach 92nd Street. While hanging out and doing some yoga, we also chatted about Hurricane Sandy and getting the business back up on its feet.

Lena is a yoga instructor, massage therapist, and surfer who opened Yoga on the Rocks on September 7th 2012, about 6 weeks before Hurricane Sandy. Even though the studio is on the second floor of the building, loss of power and utilities forced Lena to shut down her operation. During the recovery period, Lena used the yoga studio space as a base for free acupuncture, massage and stress relief. “I just wanted people in the community to have a place where they could go to relax and feel comfortable,” Lena tells us. Check out this link to an article about treating PTSD with acupuncture in the wake of Hurricane Sandy: (

Yoga on the Rocks started up their weekend classes in April, and they are looking to be back on June 15 with a 7:30 pm class Monday-Friday, and an 11 am on Saturday and Sunday. The most interesting part of the business model is that there is no set price for these classes. Lena has a suggested donation per class, 10-20 dollars. This in an especially helpful way to structure classes, because it makes the yoga possible for people who really couldn’t afford it otherwise.

The best part of our visit with Lena was taking part in some Vinyasa yoga! We learned a few new moves and found some Zen. You can check out the gallery below. If you find yourself in Rockaway this summer and are looking to tone up, take a break from the beach, or indulge in the 30 minutes for 30 dollars summer surfer massage special, swing by Yoga on the Rocks.

To read more check out coverage with The Glorified Tomato!

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