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2 thoughts on “CONTACT

  1. hey Katie – saw U and we spoke afterwards @ The Dome yesterday. Am tryin’ to convince QPL that in the restoration of The Seaside Library (B117 & The Blvd.) that is ongoing and about to be complete by July, they add solar panels on the roof as an ‘experiment’ in energy inter-dependence or maybe independence. Very hard to convince a bureaucracy though to do anything different, but Jennifer (Jennifer Manley, QPL) passed my idea up their food chain of committees (to kill it!).

    Certainly don’t know how to move on this – but maybe you guys have good insights. Certainly if successful, QPL would gain great notoriety about the ‘experiment’ and if another disaster ever struck they’d be emergency power to power up cell-fones etc., etc. around Seaside. Jennifer is…
    Jennifer Manley
    Director, Government & Community Affairs
    Queens Library
    89-11 Merrick Blvd
    Jamaica, NY 11432
    718.990.8585 | office
    347.574.0625 | cell

    If this makes any sense to U, maybe you guys have ideas to further advance the QPL from a ‘good idea’ to ACTION…I dunno.

    Best, and love all that you guys did and are doin’…PJS (188 B 123 – 561.843.6052)

    • Hi there! I think you are talking about Katie of Rockaway Help/Rockaway Emergency plan, not me since I wasn’t at that dome event (and Im not katie :)! Her site is here I think you can contact her through there or through their facebook page. I do agree with everything you are saying though not quite sure either how to make it happen.

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